Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mini Cupcake Adventure

I like the idea of mini cupcakes they are great one or two bite snacks and they just look so cute. This weekend I made 140 mini cupcakes. That’s right 140. I didn’t realize how many I had made until I laid them all out and began to ice them.

That’s just the table this was what the rest of my kitchen looked like

This was my first attempt at mini cupcakes so I had no idea how many mini’s that a regular cupcake recipe would make. I found out that a recipe that makes twelve regular sized cupcakes makes thirty-six mini cupcakes. That information will come in handy in the future. Everything seemed to work quite well actually. There were no major issues (other than running out of butter but that was just a minor issue that was taken care of quickly) in this adventure; which is usually not normal when I bake. These particular cupcakes were made for an event at the school my mom teaches at so I made the icing maroon because that is their school color. Here is a picture of the finished products on my new cupcake stand.

Overall this was fun experience and I am looking forward to making more mini cupcakes!

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